my why

The first class on the Monday morning of my freshman year of college was at 8 a.m.: darkroom photography. For a semester, I developed and printed film in black and white, building a foundation for creating art and connecting with people. Under the tutelage of a seasoned photographer who traveled the world, I was pressed to engage beyond the world I knew. 

Perfecting an image into the early hours of the morning brought me to tears at the end of myself in one minute and raise my hands thanking God for the process in the next. Sometimes I did both at the same time.

Developing film and editing digital photography enamors me. There’s nothing ordinary about the making of a photograph, and there is nothing ordinary about the people I photograph. With such a powerful tool, I consider it a privilege to capture you and who you love. 

I’m Saundra Megan Barker, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based wedding and portrait photographer. I desire to frame natural moments in comfortable settings, presenting pieces of art. I photograph those who treasure intimate moments as much as joyful celebrations and who want to remember a season of life for years to come.

I’m engaged to the love of my life, Austin! We’re most likely found with our noses in a book. Or discussing theology over a strong cup of coffee. Or dropping into our favorite café for breakfast food. We enter the marriage covenant in October 2019!

Simply put…

  • I prefer my coffee black. 

  • I wear pearl earrings 99% of the time. 

  • I make Spotify playlists for each of the four seasons in a year. It’s like a time capsule when I go back and listen!

  • I am trying to become a morning person.

  • I am a strong believer in placing value on the slower, simpler things of life.

Squared moments /// @saundramegan