My first class on the Monday morning of my freshman year of college was at 8 a.m.: darkroom photography. For a semester, I developed and printed film in black and white. The process enamored me. Film and digital photography became magic - a foundation for creating art.

Photography is seeing light and evoking feeling through a frame captured at a fraction of a second. There’s nothing ordinary about this process, and there’s nothing ordinary about your story.

I’m Saundra, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania based wedding, portrait, & engagement photographer. I love to travel. I prefer my coffee iced. I wear pearl earrings 99% of the time. I can equally be a morning and a night person. Peonies are my favorite flower. I tell stories

with pen

I took a brand new, crisp-paged notebook and scribbled oversized letters with a pink gel pen. After each entry, I locked the book with the little silver key. There was nothing to hide, but something kept secret for no reason is much more exciting.

That was eleven years ago.

Words are permanent - they can be erased, deleted, and forgiven, but words are never forgotten. With such a powerful tool, I want to share stories of the everyday and truths that are foundational.

and lens

Passionate about lifestyle photography, my desire is to frame natural moments in comfortable settings, presenting pieces of art. My first DSLR entered my life at 17 years old - since then, there has always been little moments - precious treasures - to capture.

Welcome. Look around and visit the contact page. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Squared moments /// @saundramegan