First Stop in 2018: Chattanooga

If you would have talked to me last year, you would soon find all I've wanted to do is stay. I wanted to plant the roots deep in community and familiarity. Now, I get to stay. It's an active word, one that requires pushing boundaries - being the one to reach out first - showing up on the days you'd rather stay under the covers - challenging yourself to see your location in new ways.  I'm also learning that it can be just as hard to go through change as it does to stay somewhere. 

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The Three Hour Night

That morning, nature was so still, and I was so loud inside with all the things I needed to accomplish and the goals for my health that I wasn’t meeting. In this moment, I heard His mercies are new every morning. For this tired college student, God showed His kindness in creation and somehow I had a smile on my face as I walked to the first class of the day, even though I felt wasted.

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Saundra BarkerComment
Without Borders

You want to do big things. You want to do the big things with purpose. By answering cheerfully in this less-than-fireworks-moment, you can focus on the person. It’s back to character and inward growth – things you can’t write in 140 characters or less.

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