I Followed Dad Outside

I followed my dad outside last night as he removed the license plate to his car that is totaled. Two weeks ago a car did not stop at a stop sign and hit oncoming traffic - my dad's car. While we're thankful no one was injured, it's been difficult - at times painful - to look out the kitchen window and see the crushed frame.

I photographed the car in the snow and my dad preparing it for the tow truck because one day we'll look back on this time of record-breaking March snow and car troubles and say, "Remember when..." Time will pass and spring will come.

In the midst of trials that make the heart heavy, I am reminded of the photo albums my parents made me. Slightly faded film photos show mom and dad as young parents taking me outside in snow taller than I am. I could point to another picture and it would spur my parents to recall life during that time. 

But that's the thing - time moves us on. We are a collection of stories and a part of a grand narrative. If I am given any small role to help someone point back to a specific time and see God's mark of faithfulness, my prayers will be answered through this camera. 

Someday, we'll look back and say "Remember when."