State College, PA, Family Session | The Stout Family

Adam, Meredith, and Noah

Noah had his first birthday in May! To remember this time when he has reached a milestone in his life and is growing so much, the Stout family and I headed to the Penn State Alumni Gardens.

The Stout family is extra special to me because Meredith is my boyfriend’s sister! It’s been a privilege seeing Noah change and develop as with each new month he learns more and more. It’s also the sweetest to see my boyfriend, Austin, be a loving and playful uncle with him. (Yes, that always melts my heart.) 

I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention that Austin and his sister, Kristin, came along for the session and they were PROS at getting Noah’s giggles and blue eyes facing the camera. (That is, when they weren’t chasing the ducks. We’ll leave that full story out of here.)

Scroll allll the way through this session because you’ll get to see Noah eating his cake, and I’m willing to bet that icing on a cute lil boy’s face will make you smile.