Without Borders

He handed me an envelope with a scribbled note and news story inside

Thought you might be interested in this article as you start out on your journey. Who knows where your path will take you.

Who knows where your path will take you. I reread the sentence over and over again, mostly in disbelief. The simplicity of the sentence and confident declaration catches me off guard. I’ve started to coast. I set up my sail and let the wind take me, for I already know what will happen. I have life’s possibilities weighed and balanced. God answered some of my questions. I see clearly where I’m supposed to be.

That’s a brand new feeling for a girl who has struggled with believing in God’s faithfulness over the last almost-two-years. I have my own stories of God’s faithfulness.

So maybe I’ve been too focused on the story. Limiting the focus to the story in and of itself leaves a person wasting: predicting or waiting to see what big thing will happen next.

It’s not about just having a good story. It’s about the person in the story and their heart, their hopes, their passions

Stories often show evidence of something larger – someone bigger at work. 

I would never expect to have an evening end so beautifully. Two friends and I sat in the car, engine running. With each of us working for three different food businesses, it was relieving to hear the same issues I was struggling with were going on elsewhere.

In an effort to refocus my own thoughts, I mentioned Bethel Music’s new song, Pieces. A few taps on my iPhone and we were listening to the sweet melody ringing with truth. The song reached the climax when the fireworks started – sparkling, colorful fireworks on display straight ahead.

I think all of us felt it – the sense of awe that creeps from the ground up as we saw this magical moment unfold.

I want the fireworks to appear. I love that God gives fireworks because of His grace & love – He wants to show Himself in little moments of our lives.

What if you don’t see the fireworks? The weeks only promise 40+ hours of work, a promotion for your friend, the ability to love for someone else, and uncertainty of what happens in a month and half. There are no fireworks to be seen.

Even then, God is faithful.

You want to do big things. You want to do the big things with purpose. By answering cheerfully in this less-than-fireworks-moment, you can focus on the person. It’s back to character and inward growth – things you can’t write in 140 characters or less. God is writing a story, this is true. Let him write even when you consider it to be a diversion. This God doesn’t have borders on the path He has you walking on.

Do not look for God to come in any particular way, but look for Him. Expect Him to come, but do not expect Him only in a certain way.
— Oswald Chambers